Slumps, bumps and oil pumps

Cape Size Index Surge: Iron Ore Concerns and Beijing's Impact Explored on "Freight Up"

Hello and welcome back to Freight Up, the number 1 commodities and freight markets podcast from FIS.

I'm your host, Fernanda and in this episode of Freight Up, I'm joined again by Davide, the newest member of the "Freight Up" team.

We're once again bringing out our big gun 'freight-uppers' to unravel the recent fluctuations in the freight and commodities market.

We'll be exploring the reasons behind the substantial increase in the Cape size index, analysing the concerns surrounding the iron ore market, and discussing the impact of macroeconomic news and geopolitical tensions on market dynamics.

Together with Davide, we'll be talking to Ben Klang, Archie Smith, and Hao Pei, and we'll provide you with comprehensive insights into various market movements and offer projections for the future.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the complexities and trends within the freight and commodities industry.

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00:00 US sanctions Sovcomflot; Vale expects iron ore growth.

Market movements: Cape +33.8%, Panamax -7.3%, Supermax +8%, Hennessy +11.8%.

05:26 Oil price range-bound due to conflicting factors.

09:04 OPEC cuts didn't work, US production rampant.

10:44 Latest article on LinkedIn discusses global spare capacity.

13:59 Cape size market rallied amid significant activities.

19:48 Slow recovery on construction sites after Chinese New Year.

22:43 Market participants desensitized to macro stimulus, news.

24:12 China's iron ore recovery is uncertain.