Iron Ore drop & OPEC Meeting Impact on Oil Prices

Iron Ore drop & OPEC Meeting Impact on Oil Prices

Welcome to another episode of Freight Up, your go-to source for the latest news and insights in the freight and bulk commodity markets.

I'm Jess, and today, along with Davide, we'll bring you up to date on recent market movements.

Our expert line-up this week includes Hao Pei, who'll shed light on the reasons behind the sharp drop in iron ore prices, Archie Smith with his analysis on the oil market post-OPEC meeting, and our old friend Rob Belcher, who'll provide insights into the steel and scrap market.

Additionally, we'll cover the latest acquisition news with FIS acquiring GR8 Chartering in Athens, and update you on global inflation figures and broad market movements.

Listen in for an episode packed with essential updates and expert opinions to keep you informed and ahead in the freight and commodity landscape!

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Timestamped summary

00:00 UK inflation down, Japan down, Euro up.

03:46 Silver and iron ore markets see drops.

09:08 Narrowing spread between high and low sulphur.

12:12 German construction slows, prices remain subdued.

14:37 Turkish scrap and rebar market trends summarised.

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