Iron Ore Insights and Biofuel Benefits

Welcome back to "Freight Up," your go-to podcast for insights into the major freight and bulk commodity markets from FIS.

I'm Jess, your host, joined by Davide.

In today's episode, we have a jam-packed agenda covering the latest news and market movements.

Ben Klang is reporting live from London with updates on dry freight, while Hao Pei, our senior analyst from Shanghai, delves into the iron ore and coking coal markets.

Plus, we have a special guest, Erik Hoffman, Managing Editor of ENGINE, who will shed light on biofuels and the emerging EU regulations that are set to impact the shipping industry.

Listen now for in-depth insights and expert analysis!

00:00 Shipping market: C5DC index up, P5TC down. Steady fuel price increase.

03:52 Index climbs driven by vessel rate increase.

08:11 Iron ore index increased, outlook remains uncertain.

12:44 Biofuel: alternative, popular, easy, cheap, safe, available.

15:40 EU shipping firms pay for CO2 emissions.

17:18 Consumer proximity and willingness to pay determine impact.

21:44 Biofuels offer cheapest compliance for EU ships.

23:03 Maritime fuel campaign touts benefits, efficiency.