What Drove Cape 5TC’s 54% Spike?

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We're your hosts, Jess, and Davide, and in this episode of Freight Up and in this episode, we’re joined by Ben Klang, who breaks down the latest trends in the dry freight market, Hao Pei discussing the rebound in iron ore prices, and Archie Smith providing an update on the decline in Brent crude futures.

Additionally, we have Hugh Taylor from FIS, sharing his expertise on risk management in shipping post a successful seminar in Athens.

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00:00 Market updates: iron ore and dry freight.

03:23 May and June market rates fluctuated but closed higher.

07:27 Iron ore fell as expected, market analyzes.

10:25 Decrease in war premium affects oil prices.

13:41 Assist Greek shipping clients with trading derivatives.

17:54 Greek generation interested in shipping options, future plans.