US Energy Insights with our American Experts

US Energy Insights with our American Experts

Oil, oil, Everywhere! US energy predictions and trends

Hello and welcome back to Freight Up, the number 1 commodities and freight markets podcast from FIS.

I'm your host, Davide, and in this episode of Freight Up, I'm thrilled to bring you a special episode delving into the energy market with my US colleagues.

Joining me today are Daniel and Miguel, as we explore the US energy sector.

Together, we'll be discussing the impact of various factors such as EV cars, oil production, OPEC cuts, monetary policy, and geopolitical tensions on the energy market.

We'll also talk about the nuances of these elements and their implications for the future of the oil market in the year ahead.

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01:00 China's industrial production rises, Bank of Japan raises interest rates, Brent crude prices surge, EU tariffs on grain imports, volatile FFA market movements.

02:00 The Dry Freight FFA market update, Panamaxes and iron ore.

03:54 US market experts Daniel and Miguel on OPEC and inflation.

12:32 Federal Reserve's tightening policy impacts global economy.

16:26 Bunker industry resilient, adapting to new routes.

17:42 Oil prices likely to rise, reaching $80-90.