Iron Ore takes a dive – but can it rebound from 118?

Iron Ore takes a dive – but can it rebound from 118?

Iron Ore Index Dive: Can We Expect a Quick Rebound to $116-$118? Hao Pei Reveals All!

Hello and welcome back to Freight Up, the number 1 commodities and freight markets podcast from FIS.

I'm your host, Fernanda and in this episode of Freight Up, I'm joined again by Davide, the newest member of the "Freight Up" team.

Cape Size Surge and Iron Ore Market:

The episode highlights the significant surge in Cape Size index and its impact on the FFA market.

Hao Pei provided valuable insights on the iron ore market, discussing China's recent policy updates and their implications.

Dry Freight Market Movements:

Ben Klang discussed the movements in the dry freight market, providing detailed insights into the Cape FFA market and its impact on the wider market.

He elaborates on the increasing physical activity in the Pacific and steady rates in the Atlantic region, along with the high demand for the c five iron ore route.

Ben's analysis highlighted the strong volumes and trading activities in the Cape, Panamax, and Supermax vessels, offering a comprehensive overview of the dry freight market.

OPEC's Extended Cuts and Fuel Oil Market:

Archie Smith provides a hot take on OPEC's extended cuts and the future of Brent crude prices.

He sheds light on the impact of Russia's decision to cut a further almost 500,000 barrels a day in production and exports in Q2, which surprised the market.

Archie's analysis suggests that mere cuts might not be sufficient to reach the $100 per barrel mark, emphasising the potential influence of geopolitical tensions.

Additionally, he discusses the volatility in low sulphur fuel oil cracks and spreads, offering valuable insights into the fuel oil market.

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00:00 Big conference discussing stimulus and government policies.

06:25 Cape FFA market sees fluctuating rates.

07:52 Week's maritime markets saw mixed performance.

13:49 Monday morning saw significant swings in cracks.

14:44 Oil prices fall due to lower settlements.