Crude Oil Trends & Impact of OPEC Production Cuts In This Year of the Dragon

Crude Oil Trends & Impact of OPEC Production Cuts In This Year of the Dragon

OPEC Production Cuts and Iron Ore Market Impact

Hello and welcome back to Freight Up, the number 1 commodities and freight markets podcast from FIS.

I'm your host, Fernanda and in this episode of Freight Up, we delve deep into the world of commodities and freight, exploring the latest developments and insights that are shaping the markets.

Our guest speakers, Hao and Archie, provide valuable analysis and updates on the iron ore and crude oil markets.

Archie shares his expert insights on just what's been going down in the crude oil market throughout Q1 so far, discussing the impacts of geopolitical tensions, production levels, and economic data on oil prices.

He also sheds light on the high sulphur East-West contract and its significant movements in the current market.

Meanwhile, Hao provides a detailed overview of the iron ore market, highlighting the factors contributing to a bearish sentiment and the potential impact of upcoming events such as the Platts iron ore index and the US Womack conference on market dynamics.

Listen to this episode for a comprehensive look at the evolving landscape of commodities and freight, as we 'navigate' through the complexities that are shaping the industry.


00:00 Crude stockpile slump spurs oil price rise.

06:36 High sulphur fuel prices driven by market factors.

10:46 Market outlook predicts drop due to oversupply.

13:35 Exciting year ahead with currency fluctuations. Potential chaos though!